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Valuing Marion's Nature

We're offering a range of events and activities to help you connect with nature and learn about natural environments in the City of Marion.

Valuing Marion’s Nature is a new program fostering greater understanding and appreciation of nature in our city. There will be a range of activities including wildlife watching, nature play for children, bike rides, guided walks, hands on workshops and more!

Past Events

Birdwatching 101 - Fully Booked!

Monday 19 November, Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

Would you like to know more about birds? Birdwatching is a great way to slow down, be mindful and connect with nature. It's a fun activity that you can do just about everywhere, even your own backyard.

In this presentation Kate Buckley, from Birds SA, will introduce you to birdwatching and take you through everything you need to know to find and identify birds in your area. She will cover how to identify different species, common species, bird habitats, field guides and more!

Bookings: via Eventbrite

Listen and Learn about Frogs - Fully Booked!

Tuesday 20 November, Oaklands Wetland

Learn about local frog life from frog expert and Frogwatch Coordinator Steve Walker. Steve will introduce you to local frog species in our area and why they're important. Learn to identify the distinctive calls of different species on a guided evening walk at the Oaklands Wetland. We will be looking and listening for the many frogs that call the wetland home.

Frogs are an important indicator species that help us understand the health of wetland environments. Once you've learned more about our local frogs, you will find out how you can get involved in the FrogWatch Program and help monitor local frog species.

Bookings: via Eventbrite