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The Woodforde Family Reserve in South Park Holme is a neighbourhood playground and is currently being upgraded.

The existing 6 tennis courts will be replaced with 4 multi-use courts (netball and tennis) with upgraded lighting, fencing, court surfaces and clubroom facilities.

A new playground will be installed featuring a multistation with slide, climbing net, bridge and spiral fireman's pole.  There will also be a set of swings and two springers.

A new bin, hard-surfaced paths, picnic table and seating.


Sports Clubs

Woodforde Family Reserve is the home of two sports clubs.

Recognising the Woodforde family

On 28 August 2001 Council resolved to change the name of South Park Holme Reserve to Woodforde Family Reserve as part of the Community Awards Programme (GC280801R101).

One of Marion Council’s most significant contributors is the Woodforde family, who were long-serving members of the South Park Holme Tennis Club.

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Ray Woodforde, his sister Christine and daughters Debra and Linda all made significant contributions to the community through their involvement with the Club. 

Ray Woodforde was involved with the club for nearly 40 years (from 1962).  38 years as Club Coach and 30 years as Club President.  He played No. 1 for the Club for over 20 years and coached many young players to success.

Christine Woodforde played No. 1 for the Club.  Debra and Linda Woodforde played at top level in local competitions.

One of the community’s most celebrated members was Mark Woodforde, Ray Woodforde’s son.  Mark Woodforde achieved national and international tennis success, after originally playing for the Club.  He retired from the international tennis circuit in 2001.

Council wanted to formally recognise the entire Woodforde family’s long, committed and outstanding contribution to the South Park Holme Tennis Club and so renamed South Park Holme Reserve to Woodforde Family Reserve.

It was also a way to recognise Mark Woodforde’s achievements on a national and international level and the community’s pride in these efforts.


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