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Alison Avenue Reserve Playground Pogo Arch 3
This is an off-leash park where dogs can exercise off-leash, except within 5 metres of a playground, at a wetland or when organised sport is being played.

There are no toilets at this reserve. Find the nearest one on the National Public Toilet Map.

Alison Avenue Reserve in Marion is a local playground that was upgraded in 2010.

A large purple "Pogo Arch" is the unique play element at this reserve - jump on and it moves up and down as you try to navigate across to the other side.

The super-long 13 metre flying fox is surrounded by a zig-zagging concrete path perfect for practising your scooter maneuverability.

There are plenty of play challenges on the multistation with a rock climbing wall, balance steppers, net bridge, net & plank bridge, monkey bars and a spiral slide.

The northern end of the reserve has a cluster of shady trees, while the southern end has a grassy kick about area and small orchard of trees.  Low-height pine fencing surrounds the reserve.

If you take a moment to be silent, you'll  hear the neighbourhood chickens clucking as they go about their daily business.


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