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Reserve Upgrade

Council will transform Hugh Johnson Boulevard Reserve in 2021-2022. This follows the Marion Council endorsement of the concept plan on 8 June 2021. To find out more about this visit the Hugh Boulevard Reserve Upgrade page.

About the Reserve

Hugh Johnson Boulevard Reserve in Sheidow Park is a regional playground that has two small playgrounds along the shared walking and cycling path (part of the Coast to Vines Rail Trail). This idyllic reserve has a duck pond and lots of opportunity for nature play.


There are two playgrounds on the northern side of the reserve.

The western playground has a multi-station with noughts and crosses, a slide, a bridge and a spiral firemans pole. This playground is surrounded by large boulders that kids will love clambering over.

The eastern playground has a climbing net and exercise multi-station, situated next to a secluded grass kick-about area.

Natural elements

The true drawcard for this scenic reserve are the natural elements that encourage nature play.

Throughout the reserve there are plenty of rocky creek beds to explore and traverse. Wooden bridges allow access to both sides of the reserve at regular intervals.

Large logs feature at the south western end of the reserve.

The duck pond mitigates flooding in the area, acting as a storm-water retention basin. Find out more about our commitment to being a Water Sensitive City on our Water management page.

Plovers graze on the grassy hills. The usual suspects, Noisy Miners and Magpies, are established residents.

On the north eastern side of the reserve there are a set of large spaced-out boulders that will challenge your balance and coordination as you try to navigate from boulder to boulder - it's nature's parkour.

The reserve has a mixture of native and introduced trees. If you visit in Autumn you'll find a rainbow of multi-coloured leaves to admire and ramble through. In the same season you'll also see the Chinese Elms on the roadside burst with pink blooms. Native trees provide plenty of crafting material for nature-inspired creativity.

Challenge: Try to find the unusual looking tree that is starting to tie itself in a knot!


Bench seats and picnic tables are scattered throughout the reserve in cool shady areas or near the play equipment. There is a BBQ on the southern side.

Although there are no toilets at this reserve, it's only a 15 minute walk to Southbank Boulevard Reserve where you can explore another playground. Toilets can also be found further along the Coast to Vines Rail Trail at Glade Crescent Reserve, Hallett Cove.

Coast to Vines Rail Trail | Marino to Willunga

There are a number of parks and playgrounds on or near to the Coast to Vines Rail Trail (listed from coast to vines).

Take your time and explore our other parks along your journey.


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